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I have migrated all RiskDoctor content* to Vimeo.com. I have shut down all other delivery methods. I am not retired -- just working with private clients and a new project.

At Vimeo, everyone will have Free access to Over 40 Hours of RiskDoctor’s Most Popular Video Courses, something for everyone, Beginners, Intermediate and Advanced Options Aficionados, without requiring any signup or logon.

These products alone sold for over $1000 and here is a 3 ½ minute trailer telling you a bit about it.

Also, you will want to sort the videos at Vimeo, ‘Alphabetically’ so they are easy to find:

All the remaining (over 300 hours) RiskDoctor Videos and over 5000 pages of Forum PDFs and the PDF version of “Options Trading: The Hidden Reality” are available on Vimeo’s OnDemand (Lifetime Access) for $997 (originally priced at over $8000) and if you email me, telling me a little bit about your personal trading and include one of your favorite personal trading stories, I will send you a $20% OFF Promo Code. Please put “BIOSaga” in the subject line. I don’t have any immediate plans for your BIO and Saga but I will be curious to know a little bit about you.

In the meantime, here are a few short videos to warm up with; soon, nothing will be sold at RiskDoctor.com any longer. 

Ri$k Doctor Video
Ri$k Doctor
Ri$k Doctor Video

Ri$k Doctor

Options Trader, Author, Options Trading Lecturer, Options Trading Teacher, Floor Trader, Financial Software Developer, Consultant, and one of the co-founders of one of the most successful options brokerage firms in the world, Charles Cottle (The Ri$k Doctor) has a made a career sharing information on Options Trading Training, Options Trading Seminars and Options Trading Education. This diverse background and experience in the industry has brought Charles to the Internet where everyone can benefit from his vast knowledge and experience.

What our Clients Say!

“We are great at mathematics but lack your kind of expertise and we are trying to merge both for an automated Market Maker platform acting in milliseconds and exposing OTC options in a new type of electronic market place. We have everything related to our work finished after 9 years of research and development and are left with some bits and pieces. Your knowledge is absolutely the best I have ever come in touch with related to options and especially its hidden realities.”

Dejan Shabacker | Chief Quantitative Analyst - Stock Robotics AB SWEDEN

What our Clients Say!

“Charles Cottle’s book is required reading for the serious options trader. You’ll never look at options the same way again. Learn to think like a seasoned floor trader. Options Trading: Three Dimensional.” by Joseph Sellito, Director, Retail Derivatives, E*Trade Securities LLC

Joseph Sellito | Director, Retail Derivatives, E*Trade Securities LLC

What our Clients Say!

“Charles Cottle, aka the Risk Doctor, is one of the smartest folks in the business. I wish there were more people in our industry as smart as you. It would make my job a lot easier”.

Alex Jacobson | Vice President, Education, International Securities Exchange (ISE)

What our Clients Say!

Charles explains strategies and risk in ways that most traders today have never imagined. If you’re managing an options position by deltas, gammas, vegas, and thetas alone, Charles shows that imperfections in the models hide certain risks. A trader must understand his or her position beyond the popular measures of risk’

Thomas R Preston| ThinkorSwim.com

What our Clients Say!

‘Since I have been a derivatives trader, there is no one who has given me as many ideas about trading concepts as the author of Options: Perception and Deception. Besides teaching me new ways to scrutinize positions and their risk profiles, Charles Cottle taught me how to learn from the markets. This book provides the reader with deep insights into options trading. It is exciting, inspiring, and far from being dry.’

Olaf Pilz| West Deutsche Landesbank, Dusseldorf

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Our Risk Doctor Options Trading Training Team

More than a bunch of pretty faces, our team (Your Team! that is..) has more than fifty (50) years in Options Trading and Options Trading. We are always close so that if you get lost or have a problem, we will have the answers and we can help you find your way.

Our business philosophy has always been "be trained, have as much knowledge as you can get on the subject at hand". We're one of the few or probably the only Options Trading Education firm with the experience of Author, Lecturer, Teacher, Consultant, Floor Trader, Financial Software Developer, 32 Years Options Trading, Options Teaching Strategies. I Love to BrokenWingHedge©

NO OTHER company can bring to the table the experience and options training programs that can bring your level of options trading to the level that you will with our options trading training program...

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