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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Question 1, what happens if I do not like the program?
  2. Question 2, how long does it take after I place my order to receive the program?
  3. Question 3, how much time do I have to finish each program?
  4. Question 4, do I have to download a large number of programs to my computer?
  5. Question 5, what type of training tools are included in your programs?
  6. Question 6, am I tied to a long term contract with your programs?.
  7. Question 7, can you guarantee me that I will make money with your program?
  8. Question 8, I have heard a lot about the Risk Doctor, do you have references?

Answer 1:

We have a fifteen (15) day money back, take it for a test drive, bring it back if it is not what you want..

Answer 2:

You will receive the programs you ordered immediately by download.  You can be learning Options Trading in minutes from the time you place your order.

Answer 3:

There is no time limit on any of our programs, you can go back and view any of the videos in any of the programs as many times as you need or want to.

Answer 4:

NO!  You do not have to download any programs to your computer.  All of our training programs and videos are keep on our server so that you can view them at any time you want.

Answer 5:

We use charts, grafts, and tracking options, which are made into videos, PDF's, and slide shows, as well as lectures from various experts in Options Trading. This is then blended to make our copy written and preparatory Risk Doctor Options Trading Training Programs.

Answer 6:

The longest term on any program we have is a yearly program, if you do not want the savings that comes with the yearly program, you can choose the monthly program, which is month to month and you can cancel at any time.

Answer 7:

If anyone ever makes you a guarantee that they can make you money in options or the stock market, RUN!  NO ONE, can guarantee you will make money with their program.  I can guarantee you this, there is NO ONE who can give you a better program than the Risk Doctor Options Trading Training Program.

Answer 8:

Charles Cottle, Risk Doctor is an Author, Lecturer, Teacher, Consultant, Floor Trader, Financial Software Developer, 32 Years Options Trading, Options Teaching Strategies. No one has the credentials for Options Trading Training that Charles Cottle, Risk Doctor does.